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The curriculum at Praxis Performing Arts emphasises both industry requirements and our students’ intellectual growth and personal development.

We believe that the joy of discovery and learning is best experienced with the thoughtful guidance of a skilled mentor or teacher.


The Praxis Theatre

Our contemporary theatre is the perfect place to learn how to perform on stage. Equipped with state of the art lighting and sound equipment, our theatre offers a flexible, intimate space for our performers to grow.

Music Studios

Our two music studios are acoustically treated and designed to an industry level specification. Additionally, we have two mixing rooms and a number of rehearsal spaces.


Dance Studios

Our dance studios are specified to industry standards providing a sprung floor and a  large mirrored space to work in.

A Professional Setting

To add to the above we have two Mac labs, additional rehearsal spaces, a box office, dressing rooms and a learning resource center - all in order to give our students experiences and knowledge pertinent to our industry.


Contact us for additional information on our course offerings, rates and class availability.

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